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and I’ve been in your shoes.

The fact you’re here means you have something extraordinary happening in your life. It could be competing in your very first pageant, the 5th year as a contestant and you’re determined to win that title, or a sparkly new crown on your head and appearances marked in your planner.

I believe there is power in understanding that your beauty is so stunning, unique and breathtaking that you could grace the pages of a magazine. I work tirelessly to make you see & believe in this too!


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These photos win

Multiple national photogenic awards & countless state wins. Your investment in competitive pageant photography not only captures this  important time in your life but can also lead to national, state, and local titles like it has for many past clients.

the experience matters

If it's your first time or fifth time, Brittany aims to make the photoshoot experience an easy and comfortable process. With knowledge of multiple different pageant systems, your photoshoot experience gets tailored to producing photos that will WOW in whatever system you compete in. 


Jr Teen & Above

Preteen & younger


Client LOVE




2018 Miss Royalty International Jr. Teen & Top 5 National Photogenic

"Brittany Link has a gift! We chose to work with Brittany based off of the work we saw on social media. You could see there was something special about her work...the photos were more than smiles, they caught the spirit and spunk of the girls! I highly recommend Britany Link to any pageant girl. Talia's photos placed in the very top at nationals for Miss Royalty International! Everyone oooo'd and ahhhhh'd at the fashion forward model look that Brittany was able to pull out of a very new-to-the-scene Talia. Brittany Link is gifted and we are so fortunate that she shares her gift!"

Madi Marohn


"Our favorite part of our session in addition to getting amazing images is the "experience" Brittany provides! She isn't just doing a job--she really loves what she does. The way she connected with Madi made the shoot so incredibly fun and empowering. Brittany's rapport with Madi resulted in images that reflect who she is inside and that is immeasurable to me"



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