Gooseberry Falls Senior Photos

Who doesn't like a good #throwback? In the heat of this summer, I've been reminiscing about this great shoot last year. 

I've been working with Madi for the last three years and it's been so rewarding to watch her maturity bloom. 

The best word I can describe Madi with is generous; generous with her time, generous with her love. I've watched her support her sister queens during shoots in a way that reminds me of all the amazing female role models I had growing up in pageants. She is the type of woman every mom wishes their kids had as an influence. Madi has this amazingly gentle spirit which will serve her well as she studies to become a teacher and runs the Princess of America pageant with her mom, Val. 

Along with her giving personality, she has ideas and spunk to match. Her smile lights up the frame, which was perfectly paired with the outdoor, Minnesota themed senior photos at Gooseberry Falls. Sketchy hotel room and all, this day trip was one for the books. 

Hair and Makeup Gianna Capuzzi