The Fire of Fall

I've been watching the evolution of the fall colors from my bus window for weeks and weeks. So when Annie came over to shoot promo images for her new podcast, I found a leather jacket and some killer boots and thew together a look to complement the intense fall colors and got her outside before we got down to business. 

Whenever Annie and I see each other, it is always bad weather, including tornadoes and the need to seek basement shelter. This night was no exception and instead of being greeted by the sunset illuminating the fall colors, we walked into a moody sky and some fierce winds. 

How lucky am I that Shakopee is still as undeveloped as it is to be able to walk across the street from a bus stop and into a perfect photoshoot setting?

We started working and only had about 15 minutes before the sky opened up and we ran to get the gear under cover but the images don't disappoint. Enjoy.

Brittany Link